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Flash Review: Heartless City [Cruel City]

You’re familiar with the saying that good wine takes time.

In reality, it took me a while before I was able to be able to appreciate Heartless City. It took me some time to get caught up.

A lot of my dramaland buddies immediately fell in love with this show however, others felt a disconnect. I was in the middle, loving it but not loving it.

Show later fixed that by sneaking up on me and laying firm hold to my heart in later episodes, so much that when I was at the conclusion, I actually went right back to the beginning of the show for a partial replay. It’s a bit crazy, but it’s true.

is however, it it is more like fine wine.

The Best Stuff MY TOP 3 PICKS

1. Display the general handling

Cinematography, music, tone, vibe

Dark and beautiful Beautiful and dark are two words that come to mind as I consider this show’s tone and presentation. Cinematography that is crisp and polished is gorgeous and dark, the music is gorgeous and dark; the general tone and vibe of the scene is dark and beautiful.

The thing I find to be dissonant and extremely fascinating is that, even though things may be swift in this world, there is a distinct air of tranquility that pervades it.

This sardonic and sensuous taste is an attitude that transcends the speed of the world, and that incongruity, of the sombre overlaying the fast-paced, is I believe, one of the big things contributing to Show’s coolness factor.

The OST has the same languid feel. Some tracks may seem to have a little more sadness to them, but they retain their edge.

Mostly, the rhythm is controlled, but never ceaselessly driving and infused with an eerie flavor. It is atmospheric and quite captivating. It fits well into the mysterious world of the show.


The story told by this show is certain and totally unreliable.

This is similar to watching the piece of a puzzle move piece.

It’s like constantly trying to keep your balance when you’re moving around swiftly shifting sand. It’s interesting, challenging and extremely exhausting.

The narrative viewpoint changes quite a bit, moving from the point of viewpoint of the police to the perspective of the members and the shadowy drug organization that police are trying to break. And then back.

It’s something that constantly affects our lives as people who are a part of the audience.

Writer-nim describes an environment that is not either white or black. Everything is a mass of different shades and a variety of gray in a drama one that seems to continue to unfold, to reveal the hidden corners and reveal a scale that never existed.

Show is the primary objective of a writer-nim and I’m glad to saythat Show does well in this area.

Turning stuff upside down

Show does a great job of flipping the world upside down.

It is essentially that when important information is given to us, everything looks entirely different in the new context, just like it is when the kaleidoscope turns. The mind can spin as our brains work tirelessly to make new connections, removing old ones that are no longer relevant and creating new ones.

In episode 4, Baksa (Jung Kyung Ho), a cover agent, everything regarding our story as I understood, has changed:

The reason Baksa is determined to topple the drug lord at the top It’s not to gain personal gain, but to complete his mission.

He threw away his phone in order to make Kyung Mi (Go Na Eun) inaccessible to him, understand that it wasn’t because of the law but to give an opportunity to Hyung Min (Lee Jae Yoon).

Show has this fun twist quite a bit, particularly with Safari (Choi Moo Sung) being revealed to be an undercover police officer as well in episode 10.

While I think it’s a good thing, Show did it too much. The thrill factor was gone towards the conclusion of the second segment.

Show kept coming up with new unexpected surprises throughout the game. It wasn’t a surprise when Show exposed someone as a dirty cop or undercover agent.

It was absurd.

Note to writer-nim: is a good thing.

However, that huge-scale twistiness is one of the major reasons I went back to the beginning again when I reached the conclusion, therefore, there’s that.

Once I knew the identities of the criminals (and undercover agents), I was compelled to look at the way everything was presented. It was like watching a brand new series.

2. Jung Kyung Ho as Shi Hyun/Baksa

This program features Jung Kyung Ho, who is in a word perfect.

Jung Kyung Ho returned from MS with an entirely new kind of charm and charisma that I find absolutely mesmerizing.

Jung Kyung Ho, Baksa is a ferocious multi-layered and mysterious. His sharp suit and well-coiffed hair don’t make him appear like the gangster. However, his quietly dangerous aura is evident and it’s very chilling.

From channeling a cold-as ice crime lord to unleashing his swift-as-the wind kicks and kicking, to revealing Baksa’s inner vulnerabilities, Jung Kyung Ho nails it all.

Perfection. I say.

Jung Kyung Ho, who has a tattoo on her back that is full-back, is slim and slender.

WOWZA. Absolutely stunning.

Baksa’s cool manner of speaking is a great thing. This makes him feel more dangerous because it is impossible to predict when his inner ninja may come out.

Yet, that hawk-eyed inner Ninja is always present beneath the surface; monitoring, processing, and sharply assessing whether his intervention is needed. It’s scary-cool.

Baksa who is a hands-on person, yet mysterious is something I love. This is a mix that I find intriguing and compelling.

One would expect someone who is well-dressed and coiffed to just give orders and let the assistant handle the lifting. Not so Baksa.

Baksa’s appearance is not just famous, but it is an source of satisfaction for me. This allows him to wander between people and conduct his own investigations, like Baksa did in episode 6. Without anyone being aware that he Baksa is there.

He’s known to be in contact with Attorney Ahn (Kim Jung Hak) and I find it ironic and funny that Attorney Ahn has no idea who he’s really dealing.

The terrifying badassery

When Baksa is all dressed up and dressed, he appears so elegant that it appears almost scholarly. Baksa is still able to fight his opponents but he’s quick deadly and highly efficient in combat.

I am awed by his unconventional attitude. It’s what makes me happy.

This is even more remarkable due to the fact that Jung Kyung Ho’s body tends to be more flexible than muscular. Baksa has left behind numerous buffer men larger and more powerful than he would have ever thought.

As in the previous scene in episode 7, in episode 7, Baksa is pleasantly not wearing a suit, but in a sleeveless tee, all sinewy and glistening, takes down dealers in the drug trade by a ratio of 10 to 1. This is quite disturbing.

Baksa is still a remarkable character. I’m eager to see him in his cool precise, efficient action. What an amazing feat Baksa can pull off, bringing several men down in just a few minutes.

Now This is what I would refer to as a scary cool badass.

Baksa is simply stunning. He’s quiet & calm however, he’s also precise quick – & ruthless. Talk about taking a bad boy to the next level.

The secret tenderheart

Despite Baksa’s ruthless streak, he is able to show powerful and real feelings of affection and love towards his closest friends.

The way he constantly encourages Soo (Yoon Hyun Min) and Jin Sook (Kim Yoo Mi) to leave the business is a sign that he truly is concerned about them and not only as business acquaintances and acquaintances, but as human beings and as family.

What happens when director gets Min his new briefcase? He’d already used the previous one. He was very nice. (The gifting of the new briefcase was not the actual shooting, but to be sure it was not a prank.

Baksa may sometimes act as like he is suffering from tenderheart issues. However, that doesn’t stop his genuine affection from shining through. I like how Baksa’s humanness makes him feel like a human being, especially when he is so cold and calculated.

Jung Kyung Ho’s amazing delivery

Jung Kyung Ho is a fascinating, engaging, and mesmerizing Baksa through each milestone and every part of his journey.

Innocent Shi Hyun is as convincing as Jaded Baksa.

There are so many amazing instances I could talk about regarding Jung Kyung Ho’s performance of Baska. I’ll focus on this scene from episode 8 when Safari intervenes during the many-one fight and hits Baksa on the neck with an iron rod.

Baksa collapses to the floor in agony from the crippling pain. Jung Kyung Ho is able to take it down, in a way that I never thought was possible. It’s evident that he truly went all in when he stepped onto the stage. It’s almost painful to look at his face as he suffers from the pain.

Baksa is experiencing physical pain and despair. As his thoughts drift back to his happier days with Safari it is clear that he feels betrayed and sad.

Augh. This was a amazing scene, even though it was hard to see.

3. The bromance

Baksa, Soo and their bromance are the things that make sageuks. Both men are so passionate about each the other that they literally frequently – commit to laying down their lives for one another. There is nothing that screams bromance more than being willing to give up everything for the other.

Episode 8 ends ending with Baksa making a plea to Safari for his final request. Baksa asks Safari to save Soo when he’s faced by death’s doorstep. Baksa asks for Soo to live in return to him, and it’s real love at its most epic level.

Baksa is the first to help Soo when Safari’s plot to murder him is stopped by police officers. It’s loyalty and love to the fullest, and I can’t help but be inspired by it.


1. The drama world is truly dark

People who have known me for a long time would probably know that I don’t generally like dark things. I love a well-written story almost no matter the circumstances, but when faced with a choice between the bright and joyful, and dark & disturbing I’d pick the light & happy, no contest.

This is why I began dramaland. So that I could get away from the sourness of Real Life.

That means I was able to recognize the beauty in the dark side of Heartless City however there was a deep-seated disconnection within my heart. My heart felt constantly disoriented by the drama, even though I became more involved in its characters.

Nobody is clear-cut in the realm of bad and good. Everybody’s a shade of gray. And everybody is messed up. as well as their relationships have been damaged. There is little trust in anyone and virtually no one means what they say. A

And in addition to that the fact that everything is a commodity in this world. Position. Power. Drugs. Money. Sex. Life. Everything is murky.

The show’s dark and intoxicating style makes you feel dizzy and overwhelmed. Lots of viewers loved that quality of this show, but I.. didn’t.

It was fundamentally uncomfortable to me and it was difficult for me to accept that dark drama with my personal feelings.

Here’s an example of a person who is too disturbed for me.

In episode 4, Hyung Min forces Soo Min to transform into an undercover agent. This disturbing behavior was evident at various level.

1, The woman is going to be in a risky situation and does not have any training to help her defend herself;

2, Soo Min will need to prostitute herself to cover her expenses. Kyung Mi would never permit it.

3 Hyung Min isn’t going to provide her with a choice.

4, The man explains the way he can help Soo Min. It’s so absurd, I’m shocked.

Hyung Min do have evidence that could convict Soo Min. This implies that he kept evidence in secret in order to allow him to force her into cover.

UGH. Combined, all of this left me annoyed and angry at Hyung Min that I started to dislike his character. Even more disturbingly is that he continues to treat Soo Min inhumanely and as only a source of information.

Hyung Min’s poor behavior could be blamed on his sadness, grief, and rage. But, some viewers might think that Hyung Min’s behaviour is a sign of his character. The way he behaves in this particular situation reveals that he’s an ass.

Instead of defending Soo Min like Kyung Mi would like, he confines Soo Min to a dangerous and degrading environment and then refuses to provide any emotional assistance. Blech.

2. The concept of power

Power and the struggle for power are constant themes throughout the show. We see it all the time in the world of kill-or-be-killed that our characters are in. It’s acceptable to kill someone you love if it will help you increase your strength.

Here, I’ll be focused on the power perception of women who are involved in drama.

There were other viewers who made extravagant comments during the show. The show was about how powerful women felt on the show. The glamour makeup, glamour, and high heels were only one of the many things they adored. But the most important aspect was the impact that the women had on the narrative.

The thing is no matter what I tried I couldn’t imagine the women as being powerful. I find them sad. I could not help but feel. Coz even though they believe that they have power and control, their bodies are being used as prostitutes.

Jin Sook, in her words of Soo Min in episode 7 said it in the most clear way.

“You need to earn money. There’s not much you can do. There is no one that will let your money. You’re only responsible for your body so you can make your own decision. But there is still some pride remaining in your. Even though you don’t wish to weep however, the tears will never cease to pour out.

You’d like to curse and scream. Because others may think you are crazy, you won’t be able to. Every bitch in this business are exactly like the ones you see. It’s not because she loves it.

If someone were doing it for the love of it, then she’s a crazy bitch. It’s because this is the first time. I’ll get used to it in time.’ That won’t happen. It will feel as if it’s this .”

There’s an obvious sense of sadness and pathos which is apparent in Jin Sook’s words, and it’s obvious that she has this feeling, even after all these years in the business. Although she appears to have the upper hand, she’s in fact a victim of a vicious cycle.

This leads to my first thought. Everyone is twisted and sick and everyone is a victim of fraud, deceit, greed and power.

3. It can be challenging to keep everything in order in your head

The name of this segment is self-explanatory. Let me be clear, this is not an easy show to watch.

There are so many characters that aren’t all referred to by the same name that it could be difficult to identify who’s who and how they relate. Show can also provide crucial information regularly.

This is something that I mentioned earlier in my review. It takes some effort to find out what parts of your story and the characters are still relevant, each time the Show provides an idea.

It’s an intricate and complex web created by writer-nim. Because it is almost impossible to keep the various threads and connections in order in your mind, confusion can be nearly a normal result.

This was the case for me at least. For me personally, it was hard to keep things straight in my head at any point during the show.


The show’s tendency to be repetitive at the end is familiar. I’m sorry that I felt as if I’ve already written about this. I’ll highlight one other aspect that didn’t make sense to me during this episode.

OTP connection

This one might seem to be a little extreme, but I have to admit that I was never an admirer of the OTP.

The moments of their interactions were abrupt and unintelligible. Everything from their many chance encounters, to the development of deeper feelings for one another, did not feel natural or natural to me.

Sometimes the romantic relationship isn’t necessarily an logical one and is driven by attraction and chemistry. The OTP’s claim of attraction and chemistry is not convincing in this situation.

Nam Gyu Ris delivery is the problem. While I can tell that she’s trying her best, it was not convincing. There are instances where Jung Kyung Ho sells it enough for two of them however, overall, this pairing just never worked for me.

An example of unlogical behavior coupled with awkward delivery is when Soo Min pushes Shi Hyun into her space during an earlier episode. the chance encounter.

Soo Min acts unnaturally friendly whenever she sees Shi Hyun. Shi Hyun’s friendly expression and her unwelcome response are her only encouragement.

After following him and nearly being stabbed after which she insists on putting herself in the space of his in subsequent encounters.

What do you mean by What is that? It’s easy to imagine she’s being thoughtless. Nam Gyu Ri’s portrayal of these events is too bright.

In addition, the episodes 9 and 10, which includes the kiss, followed by sexual encounter, doesn’t seem like it’s a natural scene for the characters and the story.

I understand that Shi Hyun is feeling lost and lonely in. Soo Min’s warm and casual personality attracted him to her and causes him to want a connection with her. This is why he wants to kiss her and the sex.

The point is, though it didn’t feel natural to me at both times I watched the episodes and I required to rationalize it.

Given the gravity of his issues and the severity of his issues, it’s hard to imagine that Shi Hyun would be in the mood to have sexy times and kisses. That’s the reason I believe that the kiss scene as well as the bed scene were added as fan-services rather than as a part of the story producers wanted to tell.

Jung Kyung Ho is just as sexy as ever in the kissing scene and after the bed scene. Simply So sensuous and swoony. Puddle.

To be clear I appreciate the effort writer-nim done to demonstrate the world that Shi Hyun is more than just a one-night-only affair. But, it never felt like enough to me.

Show could have opted for either one of the two options either to strengthen the relationship or simply not. This would have made for a stronger drama.

Thoughts AT THE END

To be brutally real I didn’t love the conclusion.

As we reach the final stretch, we will see many police officers who are undercover officers.

Baksa was Baksa’s right hand man for the entire time. Baksa didn’t even know Baksa was also undercover. Soo Min, Baksa’s undercover trying to get Baksa to save her was unaware that Baksa was undercover.

What a confusing web of tags we make, and it’s all between the undercover police. It’s ridiculous, really.

They all die in the final. It’s a tragedy. The more shocking thing is that Shi Hyun’s sudden demise seems like a random event. are the people left to cry with their loved ones. This is truly a sad reality.

Yes, Show does offer a sliver of hope, with Shi Hyun’s voiceover near the close, and the image of his back. He’s wearing a light-colored suit, which he’s never worn previously.

It’s more of an encasement that dramas tend to take out. This fantasy world is not logical and has nothing to do with the drama’s plot.

It’s hard to believe that Shi Hyun is still alive and still a badass. We’ve pretty much seen his passing, but I believe believing that he’s alive is more fulfilling than thinking that Shi Hyun is gone.


Show did a great job of capturing my heart over the final few episodes. Even though I didn’t enjoy the conclusion this was a memorable show.

Baksa is a tragically sad, yet always likable and lovable villain in which the Show stays with me for a long time after its final credits.

Show is a beautiful, unique meteorite, even with its imperfections.

Show is a meteorite which shines bright as it burns itself into nothingness.


Darkly beautiful & extremely twisty, but quite confusing and a bit disturbing. Jung Kyung Ho is incredible in this. It’s a great way to make everything worth it.



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