It’s all in the detail: Dom Pérignon

It’s tempting to believe that within the vast world known as cyber space, all information exists….somewhere, and it is simply a case of search hard enough and ye shall find. This was certainly the view that I held following the purchase of my first bottle of Dom Pérignon (at an airport shopping outlet, the 1995 if you’re interested). Though I’d never tasted it, I knew the name Dom Pérignon, but little more than it was a mythical, iconic brand – something too good to put a price on. And yet here it was – a bottle for £70 (which seems an absolute steal now). Of course, a major part of the brands’ makeup is the alchemic origins of Champagne, and the myth that makes it a romantic purchase. To know the finer details would spoil the allure and aspiration of drinking the stuff.

And yet I wanted to know.

I wasn’t after top-level or company sensitive things like celebrity endorsements or sales figures (Dom Pérignon is well known to have massive production runs far larger than many other Prestige Cuvées). I was more interested in things like what previous vintages had there been? When they had been declared for release? Historic pricing, label and packaging changes, corking and capsule variations. The details required by a fan. It was these things that the Internet failed me on, and so I set about finding out for myself, in the best way that you can when facing a task such as this – I went out and purchased a LOT of Dom Pérignon.

Was that the cheapest way to do it? Well, no…quite clearly. I did actually write to Moét once requesting information, but what I received back was very rough. I even tried using the AQA service (a UK Mobile Phone based ‘Any Question Answered!’ service, where they will text you the answer to ‘any’ question), but this confirmed what I suspected – they just got their information from the internet (I had already visited and knew well the pages they had farmed the detail from to ‘answer’ my tough questions).

What will follow in the coming weeks/months will be my findings from my tastings – not mere tasting notes (these are widely available from far more experienced palates than myself), but the minutiae details that, thus far as far as I can tell, the internet has not seen fit to publish. So if you wanted to know like I did, stay tuned, and I can save you a lot of money finding out!

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