Dating Agency Cyrano Review

Review: Dating Agency Cyrano

The very quick Verdict:

Dating Agency Cyrano has a casual, lighthearted, and quirky vibe that’s perfect for occasions when you’re looking to have a blast with your pals.

The show is worth a watch, even if plot logic requires some suspending of disbelief.

The story is only part of the whole story. It’s not about the case by case. It was the humanity and warmth of the characters that penetrated my heart and struck me.

It’s not exactly cracktastic, but it is still fun.

To be honest, this drama had been languishing on my watch list for a long time, mainly because dramaland kept rolling out newer and shinier dramas, and also partly because I knew that Gong Yoo’s cameo in it is super blink-and-you-miss-it brief.

This means my recent love affair with Hong Jong Hyun is what prompted me to finally take the time to watch this show.

I’m glad I didit, as it was a good decision, as it had more positives than negatives.

A Quick LIST of flaws

Here are some of my major complaints about this drama. While they’re not major however, they did impact the show somewhat, and I would have liked more – or none of these issues.

1. Credibility, credibility, and authenticity

If you’re hoping to have fun with this show, something you need to work through. The show’s complex dating arrangements perfect timing, as well as character motivations require viewers to believe in themselves.

This is a manhwa-esque world However.

2. Pacing is not even

Another problem is.. It’s not easy to find the proper balance between Case of the Day’s story as well as the bigger story of the characters. Some cases drag for too much, or aren’t as fascinating in comparison to others.

3. Contrived plot devices

Sometimes,..are used. However, the biggest offender is the kidnapping episode at the conclusion of the drama. It doesn’t make much sense as a narrative yet pushes our OTP up the agenda.

4. Uneven actions

An ensemble cast may be difficult to keep a consistent tone among actors with various levels of acting skill. This ensemble cast certainly shows that.


1. Sooyoung is the main star of the show.

Gong Min Young was made to feel comfortable, real and appreciated by her. I was impressed with her ability to maneuver through the more emotional scenes with the same skill.

Being the kpop noob I am, I didn’t think she was an idol actress, until I stumbled on the info accidentally. Sooyoung has the potential to do well as an actor, I think.

2. Lee Jong Hyuk makes an ideal choice for the grumbly tough Seo Byung Hoon of Agency Cyrano. Lee Jong Hyuk imbues his character, as you might expect, with charming flashes of depth and flashes that help balance the gruff.

3. Lee Chun Hee looks quite beautiful as the mysterious Master nextdoor. Master had very little screen time, but Lee Chun Hee made every moment count.

Master’s work was enhanced in an extra dimension and depth through his subtle shifts in expression. His facial expressions and gaze movements were fun to watch.

Lee Chun Hee has been a favorite of mine in every role I’ve seen. It’s not accidental that I also think Lee Chun Hee is a great eye-catcher.

4. Cameos

The setup allows for a lot of cameos. Show doesn’t hurt the actors in any way. A lot of the cameos are particularly interesting for me. So here’s a brief shout-out for some of my favorite cameos.

It was quite amusing to watch Ji Jin Hee play the role of a dorky , lost person and Lee Yoon Ji play the role of an irritable librarian. Lee Kwang Soo played the role of an eccentric cook. Gong Yoo? still have a profound admiration for.

5. Hong Jong Hyun is the gorgeous and broody.

To be sure, Hong Jong Hyun is pretty stiff in this role, and there’s certainly room for him to have done more with the character of Moo Jin. There were certainly times I felt that he was too rigid despite the fact that Moo Jin is meant to be a wooden type of character.

Hong Jong Hyun still fulfilled my expectations of an unassuming, robotic, and hot hacker man quite well. It was quite amusing that he had to shout “Stahp” a few times in Episode 1. I also found his loveline to Ha Yun Joo quite cute.


Although some viewers may think the age gap between Min Young & Byung Hoon too vast I was able to fall in love with their pairing.

The show is proud to say that romance isn’t placed at the forefront of the story. The show is focused on the crimes of the day and the mystery surrounding Master’s and Byung Hoon’s backstories.

The romance develops slowly in the course of time as Min Young & Byung Hoon develop feelings for one another and fight to reconcile their feelings.

I was the same way the relationship was handled. When both of our characters came to terms with these romantic feelings, so did I.

By the conclusion of the series I was totally into OTP and I found Min Young’s kiss to Byung Hoon very romantic.


Sincere to be honest I was never completely enthralled by the backstories Ofung Hoon and Master and all that came with them. The interest I had in the stories of the day was varied. I liked certain arcs better than others.

I was so taken with the characters and their personalities and quirks the fact that my heart ultimately attracted me enough to read the novel.


Light and innocent with a hint of heart, with its flaws.




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