Palate For Hire

As someone who has been tasting wine to exam level for nearly a decade, I have been able to cut through the complexities and have devised my own table of short cuts and hints and tips to help the beginner pick up not only what they can taste, but also why they can taste it.

I have my own educational tool-kit to bring alive small group tastings, including the ability to customise a tasting to your own needs (colour vs. sweetness vs. weight vs. price etc) and blind serve wines to add to the element of fun and learning.

Having studied under some of the worlds leading wine experts (Michael Palij MW, Philip Goodband MW, Peter McCombie MW), I have been published twice in the worlds leading wine magazine Decanter (winning the Bollinger award for best contribution).  In addition I have also written extensive reviews for both the Tesco Wine Community and, more recently, the Aldi Wine Club panels, to which I have been invited back to contribute more than once.

I am particularly proud of my record with the WSET, of which my written work was described as “thorough throughout”, such is my attention to detail and quality of style.

For all enquiries as to freelance written work, either as a bottle reviewer or as a historical authority, or to organise a tasting evening (up to 16 people) in the south of the UK, please contact me at: