What’s On?

What’s new in the world of the UK wine industry?  Find out where I’m going or what’s pushing my buttons!

NEW! Aldi 19th Wine Tasting Panel

I’m once again hooking up with Aldi to try some of their new wines as part of their latest Wine Club panel.  Expect regular updates as the wines arrive.

NEW! Laithwaites Wine Tasting 8th December – Bath

Waitrose Drinks Festival 17th November – London

NEW! The Ocelot: Latest Article now available!

The latest issue of The Ocelot is now available in both print and digital editions.  You can read my latest contribution, looking at restaurant etiquette over the festive season here.

City Wine Show 12th October – London

Read about my trip here.

Crus Bourgeois du Médoc 2016 Official Selection

The official invites are out to taste 2016 Crus Bourgeois in London this coming September.  One of the top tastings of my yearly calendar, the chance to try out the already well-regarded wines of 2016 will no doubt be another winner.

Earlier Tastings

23rd – Australia Day – The largest tasting of Australian wines outside of Australia hits London once again.  The tasting last year was phenomenal and you can read about it here.

24th – Glass of Bubbly – Trophy and Gold Medal winning wines from the 2017 Glass of Bubbly awards.  A good chance to taste the cream of the crop.

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